Refund and Cancellation

DRaSi Careers and Consultants services are not provided through the website.

  • There is no registration fees, placement fees or service charges for jobseekers in DRaSiCC.
  • ‘Service Charges’ by the corporate have to be paid within 15 days after placement.


There is no refund for the service charges received from corporates.

Late or Missing Refunds

Care is taken by management not to miss or delay any refunds if exists. Proof of refund transaction will be forwarded to the candidate.


‘DRaSi Career and Consultation’ provides services for career placements and consultation in the corporate world. Service charge is taken from job seekers after the placement and induction.


There is no exchange of any goods in


We do not offer any gifts to our candidates seeking placements.


We do not ship any product or goods to our customers.